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What Payment methods can I use to pay for your service?

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What Payment methods can I use to pay for your service?

Postby Hints » Mon Jan 10, 2005 11:53 am

WebHostingHINTS.com only accepts Credit Card (CC) payment via PayPal (all credit cards) and GoogleCheckOut, Money Order, and Certified Bank Cashier check. WebHostingHINTS.com no longer accepts personal or business check.

Note, you do not have to be a PayPal or GoogleCheckOut member to use your credit card with either payment service.

WebHostingHINTS.com uses PayPal and GoogleCheckOut service to be able to offer our customers increased security that both services offer. For example PayPal process billions of dollars worth of sales each year and as such have spent millions developing secure payment solutions. Both PayPal and GoogleCheckOut helps detect fraud orders, further protecting our servers from fraud and spammers, helping keep costs down to the minimum.

We have done business with PayPal for well over 5 years within the WebHostingHINTS.com Network of Web Sites and have found their service to be excellent. Note, your charge may show up as PetHINTS.com (another sister WebHostingHINTS.com site) on your CC bill.

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